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Many people who have experienced ego death go through difficulties integrating it into their normal existence. Some fall into disenchantment and disengagement with their old lives. Others become convinced that they are the only one who exists, in a terrible condition called solipsism. Still others rarely talk about their experience, preferring to keep it bottled up and private. The result is usually the same: you suffer from a sense of meaninglessness, a feeling of being lost, and a dearth of love.

This is sad, because proper integration of ego death experiences makes your life inherently meaningful, transparent, and full of love. In fact, you could say that many of the world’s sages can be viewed as paragons of successful integration of ego death experiences. This book, Life After Ego Death, describes several ways in which you can become sage-like, yourself.

In essence, the process is really easy, although the most direct route involves a letting go of many of the ways you have trained yourself to perceive the normal, everyday, experiences of “your” life. This is both easy and hard, at the same time, and therefore the book will offer different ways of working that ultimately all lead to similar outcomes: you becoming an increasingly clear conduit for the beauty and love you experienced during your ego death experience.

Today, your ego death experience may perhaps feel like the most duplicitous gift anyone has ever received. I am confident that, with the help of this book, you will come to regard it as the most precious, liberating, and meaningful experience of your life.

Life After Ego Death is available in both paperback and e-Book editions.